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La Jolla Kayaks

Kayaking in La Jolla is an amazing activity! There are different companies you can go through, but I booked a tour with La Jolla Kayaks. The whole process was super easy. You check in at their shop in La Jolla, they set you up with life vests and helmets (required for inside the caves), and take you on a short walk down to the beach to get started. The tour guides were super friendly, gave us lots of information about La Jolla, the beautiful homes, the marine life, and activities. You can also rent kayaks without doing a tour, but the tour was a great way to learn a lot AND the guides took us inside of a cave. The day I went, it was overcast/slightly rainy but it was still beautiful and we saw a lot of fish + a few seals! I would definitely recommend trying this out for great views and a fun workout!  

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