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Epic Girl's Weekend👯‍♀️

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

San Diego is the absolute best spot for an epic girl's weekend! My besties love to come visit because there is so much to do, we always end up going to new spots! Whether you're looking to do activities, party, chill, or a combination of all the above - I've got recs!! Keep in mind, there are SO many incredible spots in San Diego, it's impossible to include them all.

Here are some of my favorite places to go and things to do when my girls are in town! For any of the food spots, I recommend making reservations, if available! These spots give fun, girlie vibes and are perfect for a day or weekend with your besties! (These are in no particular order)


Morning Glory (expect a wait, but worth it!)

Fig Tree Cafe - multiple locations

Breakfast Company - multiple locations

Paris En Rose (pastries)


La Puerta - multiple locations


Cutwater (also has tasty food) Polite Provisions

Carruth Wine Garden (wine and small bites) - multiple locations, I like Liberty Station!



Mostra Coffee - multiple locations

Blackmarket Bakery (Coffee & breakfast items) - multiple locations

Better Buzz - multiple locations

Spill the Beans - multiple locations

Communal - multiple locations

Party Vibes - admittedly, I am not a party gal but these are some fun spots I've been to (most have food as well):

Bang Bang - Ryan Gosling bathroom


Salt & Straw - multiple locations

Donut Bar - multiple locations

The Baked Bear - multiple locations


Paragliding (you can also just hangout and watch others fly)

Pigment - multiple locations

The Cabana Beach Club (use code KELLY10 for discount when booking)

Native Poppy - multiple locations

Beach Day - check out my Just Beachy post

Let me know if you visit any of these spots and send me pics of your epic girl's weekend!


The San Diego Scout

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Katie Hernandez
Katie Hernandez

Such great recommendations! 😍

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