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Insta Worthy Brunch Spots🥂

San Diego has no shortage of aesthetically pleasing restaurants. From good views to beautiful decor, there is an endless amount of spots to choose from. But, more importantly, which ones are paired with equally delicious food? I've complied a list of some of my favorite pretty AND yummy brunch spots!

Morning Glory: this is one of the prettiest brunch spots around town. Located in Little Italy, Morning Glory is amazingly designed - including a Moet vending machine and a mirrored bathroom. Food wise, you have to try the Souffle pancakes! Expect a long wait as this is a popular spot and they don't take reservations.

Nolita Hall: this is a fun spot for groups or to go to watch a game. They have indoor and outdoor seating as well as large TVs and a game area. You can see planes fly over head through the glass ceiling above the bar.

Breakfast & Bubbles: this is the epitome of an IG worthy brunch spot! I love their tower of sweetness, open faced sandwich, and dirty hash brown for eats and 'best part of waking up' and 'nosey rosie' for drinks!

Seventh House: this spot is absolutely magical! They have fun cocktails and coffees as well as a great brunch menu. They also have tarot card readings which makes for a fun mid-meal activity!

The Pendry - Provisional: this brunch spot is inside the Pendry hotel - stunning!! They offer traditional brunch options and even have a 5 course brunch tasting menu. They also have a Moet vending machine!

The Waverly: this cutie place is located close to the beach and has a beautiful design. I need to make my way back there for the Funfetti Pancakes!!

Have you been to any of these spots? Have you now added any others to your list!?


The San Diego Scout

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